A tabletop rpg where players take the role of a human and discover their demonic bloodline in a fantasy world of arcane power and demonic realms.

We design, create and LOve Tabletop RPGs

Emberdawn Studio is a small indie studio with a huge passion for tabletop RPGs and boardgames located in Stockholm, Sweden. The studio was created with the launch of Demon Ascendants in mind which has previously been a huge side project for many years. We believe that games should not only be fun but also encourage creativeness and social interactions. We strive to give others what tabletop gaming has given to us: unforgettable moments experienced with friends. Our opinion is that the social aspect and immersiveness created through tabletop gaming is unparalleled with other mediums. 

Now we are ready to take the next step and launch our Kickstarter. We are excited to share our world and passion with others and can’t wait to hear your feedback and stories from your adventures within the world of Demon Ascendants.

Demon Ascendants will be crowdfunded through Kickstarter!

Demon Ascendants has been in the works for multiple years while being constantly playtested throughout the process. The game has gone through eight different iterations until satisfaction was reached. Bloodlines have come and gone, lore has been updated while game mechanics have been reworked, streamlined and simplified. As of now the book’s structure is set and game rules are completed, all demonic bloodlines have been written with dedicated spells, abilities and backgrounds. The combat system is in place and has been thoroughly playtested using both weapons, demonic abilities, class features and spell casting. Playable classes, talents and specialisations are written for the most part but still require some minor tweaking and updating. Creatures and monsters are all decided upon although all not yet finalised in their design. Some art has been done inhouse while other art pieces have been outsourced. Art is one of the major areas as to why the Kickstarter is needed to complete the project. Our goal is to have only inhouse art in the future for the project but this highly depends on the pledged amount in what we can achieve. 

Which is Your Demonic Bloodline?

Demon Ascendants is a fantasy tabletop RPG where players take the role of a human with a demonic bloodline giving them arcane powers and magic. On the outside you still look human but power and magic flows through your veins and the only question is, how will you unleash it? Are you a monk of the infernal bloodline using your agileness to create bursts of flames from your fists? A ranger of the spectral bloodline, calling for aid from the spirits to track down your foe? Perhaps you’re a reckless berserker from the magnetic bloodline causing havoc as you disrupt and manipulate the gravity around you. 

The bloodline is what gives the player demonic powers but their class is what defines their playstyle. All bloodlines can be combined with any class providing the player with unique demonic abilities given by their bloodline to satisfy the needs of their class. Become a rogue of the infernal bloodline to set your enemies ablaze with your daggers. A berserker of the magnetic bloodline to magically pull enemies into the reach of your axe. Choose the dreadful bloodline and play as a sorcerer who can cause fear and terror, manipulate darkness and conjure shadows to grapple your opponents.

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