Emberdawn Studio is a small indie studio with a huge passion for Tabletop RPGs located in Stockholm Sweden. The project of Demon Ascendants has been in the works and play tested for multiple years while undergoing 8 versions of it self. Now we are ready to take the next step and launch our Kickstarter. 

The Team

Ludvig Strand Emtas

CEO and Designer

With a degree in game design and experience in working with digital games as a game designer and frontend developer for multiple years at Virtual Brains (Goodby Kansas Group) Ludvig is proud to present his own game ideas. Creating games has always been a passion since he was a kid and was as an adult introduced to the world of Tabletop RPG. As many others he fell in love with roleplaying and got so into it he started creating his own world using his own system. Now Ludvig is ready to share his creation and passion with all of you and excited to hear about your adventures within the world of Demon Ascendants.

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